training materials

Learner's Guides
Learner's guides are designed to be clear, concise and highly visual. They contain all the information for the relevant course and more. Designed to your specifications - right down to your logo, color schemes, and font.


Learner's Workbooks
The learner's workbooks are designed to be easy to use, as well as for the assessor to mark. All relevant assessment criteria per specific outcome are covered within the workbook. The workbooks generally cover both theoretical testing as well as practical excercises.


Assessor's Guides
The Assessor's guide are designed to contain all relevant information for the relavant course - it includes Unit standards, assessment procedures, assessment tools, as well as model answers.


Training Presentations
The training presentations are highly visual, using videos, animations and can be designed to autorun, or be controlled by the presenter. Again the presentation can be designed around your company colours, logo, and preferred font.


The reporting functions are easy to use with time saving features as autofill options, auto-sum and the system will even compute if the learner has been successful, and change the wording appropriately..


The Design Process
A brief run through of how the design process is carried out in conjunction with our clients.


Updating Your Material
To keep up with legislation, as well as changes within your company (logo change for example), we offer a service whereby your materials can be kept up-to-date.